The artists

Art at the heart of your stay

At the Hôtel Les Pins, art has a central place in the atmosphere and the decoration. In each room, an artist's work is exhibited. A difference of which we are proud, which makes the originality of our establishment.

Take advantage of your stay to discover these artists and why not acquire one of their works.

The artists

All the artists exhibited in the rooms of our hotel are dear to us. Photographers or painters, true partners, they have already worked on the island and the region or have already exhibited their works in our beautiful village.

Immerse yourself in a journey to the heart of art during your stay at Hôtel Les Pins!

Robert VENEZIA Photographer

My journey began in 1980 with a Parisian photography school then working with different press organs and agencies as a freelance photographer. For several years, I was also part of the Ateliers des Métiers d'Arts in the city of Agde, running a workshop/gallery there.

I participate in numerous annual exhibitions mainly in Occitanie and beyond such as Paris, Nice, Brittany and New Aquitaine.

Photographing the moment and creating scenes in the studio are at the heart of my work.

I also design photos by theme from shots from which I extract an assembly of fragments. After computer processing, I mainly use the ChromaLuxe® aluminum support for thermal sublimation printing.

Giving people to see and imagine, offering a new vision of reality without losing its content, inspiring new perspectives, taking my photography to other visual universes, this is the meaning I give to my projects photographic.

Jean-Claude DALLAUD

Jean-Claude DALLAUD was born in Jonzac (17) in 1959. As a child, he robbed cupboards of old sheets and finished old pots of oil paint to practice painting like the grown-ups. At school, he is more diligent in drawing classes than in math! He is an artist in perpetual innovation, this is felt in the diversity of his works. After a stay in Périgord Noir, he returned to the Royan region where he found his energy and inspiration. 


After 30 years of professional photography, Jean-Michel Péricat decided in 2013 to devote himself entirely to painting and sculpture and then became PICRATE.

Active on the national and international scene, a bit provocative, PICRATE is a humanist and also a poet.

His universe, dreamlike, sometimes surreal, often addresses themes of family, childhood and Love, under the always benevolent gaze of the Bird.

Through its creations, piCrate shares its emotions and questions.

His choices of colors, textures and materials as well as his way of working and assembling them characterize a very singular style.


Painting Academy of Port Royal Paris 1979

Estienne School Paris 1979/1980

CE3P Ivry sur Seine photography school 1980/1982

Freelance photographer

Painter & Sculptor 2013 to present

Juliette B'Art

Juliette Bart, self-taught, with an idealistic temperament and big hearts full of street art dreams.

Painter for 10 years, she creates according to these emotions, her history and those around her. Inspired by the oceans, nature, freedom, love, the beautiful and strong feelings of existence but also of these injustices.

It offers a colorful symbolic pictorial journey with dancing lines.

Free expression, it transposes reality. She paints according to her vision of the world.

A singular and poetic art filled with hope and life.

Camille Nilles

Saint-Trojanaise, born in 1978.

Pastel artist, contemporary embroidery, couture.

Trained at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and after 15 years of experience as a luxury interior designer, Camille's work is based on varied photos of personalities or anonymous people.

Thanks to the technique of dry pastel on paper, Camille strives to represent as accurately as possible the nuances of the skin, the depth of a look, and this more particularly with women of color... < /p>

Always generous and colorful portraits.

Following a life accident, Camille recharges her batteries every day in this practice, like color therapy...

And an inner journey to share with everyone.

Double V

Born in Beauvais in 1971, Valérie Viaud aka double V is a self-taught painter based in Pau.

After a career in the medical field and around fifteen years in the Arcachon Basin, it was in 2015 when she arrived in Béarn that Valérie became passionate about painting. What started as a need for expression and to connect with one's deepest self, then became a desire to communicate emotions in a way unique to oneself. She thus produced her first exhibitions in 2018 On small or large formats, each of her creations is the product of an unhindered exploration, a daring mixture of colors and materials where imagination is the only limit. Abstract works which reveal a mineral and/or plant universe and are windows open to complex interior worlds. Always looking for the right movement, double V has an approach made of experimentation and innovative techniques for intuitive and spontaneous painting. Some exhibitions among others: - La Minoterie de Nay (64) - Château de Gardères (65) - L'Atelier du Château, Pau (64) - Galerie Les Brins D'Art, Bourg Sur Gironde (33) - Espace des Picture rails, Saint-Trojan-Les-Bains (17)

Pascal Mollet

Lyrical painter, self-taught.

I mainly work with oil paint, it’s a medium that I like to dilute, layer, scratch… explore!

I start my canvases flat with a theme, a compositional basis, and then I provoke, I invite chance, sometimes by creating imprints, letting the turpentine dilute, make its way into a more "mixture" bold.”

Alain Vicari

Photography, a long-time passion, which I exercise as an author-photographer.

I photograph in an urban or maritime environment, these are my favorite playgrounds. Expressing an emotion, an atmosphere, telling a story guides my photographic approach.

At 12 years old, I took part in my first photo competition organized by the Château d'Oléron beach club. For this occasion I borrowed my grandfather's camera to photograph his boat. This passion has never left me.

Becoming an engineer in the international industry, I traveled to many countries, which certainly sharpened my eyes, and directed my particular attraction towards street photography. Six years ago photography became my main activity.

I regularly present my photographic work at group and individual exhibitions, art markets and fairs dedicated to artistic disciplines. 

I ensure the entire creative process of my works. The limited and numbered prints are signed and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.